Technology Enriching Lives

A Little Bit About Me

I graduated from NC State University in Raleigh, NC with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications.  The concentration I chose was in Public Relations, and I pursued a minor in Anthropology to complement the core degree. A background in analysis and Anthropology provides me with a unique standpoint, from which to view Social Sciences and Communication problems.

When approaching Public Relations processes with a critical eye, the practitioner is able to utilize scientific methods to provide real results that are quantifiable. By using thorough research, organization, planning and insight into future trends and markets, I can position your business in the niche it needs to survive.

I truly believe that longevity is the way to cement a business in the market, and this can only be achieved through building a trusting, honest relationship with its publics. Through visibility and transparency, a company can show through actions that it is worthy of its publics.

With a great Public Relations campaign, a business or organization will always succeed. Public Relations plans are the blue print to a successful company, and Marketing, Research and Development and Advertising all fall in line, as tools to use for reaching goals and objectives set out in the campaign plans.

I also approach my lifestyle and day-to-day actions with the same mindset. I strive to be honest and moral in every situation, and give my all to every project I invest in. When I am able to be appreciated for these aspects of my personality, I do best.

There is no problem I cannot solve, when given free rein to do what needs to be done to reach a consensus. I am confident in this fact, and have proven it many times over throughout my academic and professional career. When you hire me as an employee, you will get a person that commits one hundred percent to each and every part of the job. I will give everything I have, to accomplish the task and figure out the right path or procedure.


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