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Glad You’re Visiting My Site!

I’m glad you are here to (hopefully) find out more about me. I graduated in 2009 from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. Public Relations was the concentration I chose to solidify the core departmental classes. I love to write, and do market research most of all! I also pursued a minor in Anthropology, to give my degree a scientific foundation.


Presently I am employed by Apple, I work at Crabtree Valley Mall as a mobile technician. I enjoy helping people everyday, solving problems and enriching lives. I am challenged every day, and am working towards getting my Mac computer certification. It is one of the best companies in the world, and its an honor to work for them!

Also, I am currently running a company I co-founded, Masterpiece Signature Painting. We do interior and exterior commercial and residential painting, pressure washing and all stain work for cabinets, furniture, decks and just about anything else! We have been working hard on it for the past eleven years, and now that I have been able to start and implement a marketing and branding campaign, we have seen a huge increase in customers.

I was able to create a Web site, social media pages, and marketing materials for the company. Combined with my impeccable customer service, and custom-designed invoices and estimates, we have had a large increase in repeat customers over the past four-six years.

I went to school at NC State to complete my BA in Communications w/an emphasis in Public Relations, while running my own company and implementing monumental policy changes, in order to secure our position in the rapidly-shrinking sector of construction services. A concentration in Public Relations allowed me to pursue the answers to many of my questions about marketing and branding a company.

Before working with the painting company, I was employed as a nanny, server at a restaurant and even worked as a cashier. Those early experiences in working closely with others, to provide excellent service exactly like they wanted, prepared me for my later endeavors. I learned how to cater to the needs of the most discriminating customer, and insure satisfaction through performing to the standards set forth by others.


Luckily for me, I participated in an internship at Howard, Merrell and Partners in May. I enjoyed working with the great minds at the company, and learning new things! I ended the internship instead of choosing to stay and continue with them, because we had a large increase in clients at the painting company I co-own and operate, and the position was unpaid.

NCSU required a ‘B’ or better in all of the PR concentration classes, and also that I complete an internship during my last two years of school. Although it was challenging to finish my degree while essentially running a company, and working without pay during my free hours, I learned lots of invaluable lessons. I completed 130 unpaid internship hours a Genesis Marketing Partners in Cary, and enjoyed having the opportunity to use it an an augmentation to my educational career. I used each task I was given as a chance to use what I learned during my classes at NCSU. Gaining an invaluable look into how advertising companies work, gave me another viewpoint to add to the many I already had.


I learned how to write and create many materials, plans, and systems that would demonstrate and that we had the necessary qualities for a successful company. The method for running successful businesses is always the same, with slight variations to tailor plans for each niche. By showing our publics that they can be confident in us, we insured that we would grab a larger share of the market. Every person wants to know that they can count on those with whom they entrust their money, property or emotions with, it is what unites us all!

I also have learned, throughout the past eight years, how to operate and manage a company, from the start-up and conception, to the branding campaigns. By experiencing what it’s like to be an owner, CEO, and Office Manager all at once I have gained a wealth of information on how to create an organizational culture that will not only make a company succeed, but thrive. I can relate to each position in a company, because I have held many differing positions throughout my education and career.


Freelance Public Relations and social media work is my goal right now, and I have started my own company called Kaycee Public Relations. I would love to add some new clients, and have started talking to someone in the industry about possibly starting an LLC! I will focus primarily on social media marketing, but will also offer traditional marketing and PR as well. The main difference in my company is that I will offer “a la carte” purchasing power. This will enable company owners to pick and choose as much or as little as they want. In keeping with this philosophy I will also provide upfront cost estimates. I feel like this is the best thing to concentrate on, as I already have experience in starting a company.

A love of technology, and helping others, also drives my desire to include networking and IT support along with marketing solutions. This will provide complete customer care throughout the entire process from organizational planning, to mobile app design and network troubleshooting.

I have also been trained in Organizational Analysis, as well as traditional market research and PR. Here is a direct link to an item in my portfolio, my Organizational Analysis of Global Village Coffee.


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